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PIL Update: Discussion questions for “Reading in the Age of Distrust”

The CILIP Information Literacy Group (ILG) and the LILAC Conference are delighted to have been enlisted as Champions of the Project Information Literacy initiative, “The PIL Provocation Series”.

As a PIL Provocation Series Champion, I’m delighted to stop by and share these “Discussion questions for “Reading in the Age of Distrust”, our latest PIL Provocation Series essay, written by none other than myself. Please feel free to use and share these OA questions widely with your networks. We hope you will find these questions, which were developed in collaboration by the PIL Team, useful, or inspire questions and discussions of your own.

Our next essay in the Series is “The iSchool Equation,” written by PIL team member, Kirsten Hostetler. This forthcoming essay will be posted on Wednesday, June 9.

All the best,
– Alison

Alison J. Head, Ph.D. | Founder and Director | Project Information Literacy (PIL)

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