About the team

Dan Pullinger (website manager)

Dan is Learning Services Manager at Leeds University Library, overseeing the Skills@Library service.
He is particularly interested in information literacy in the wider context of academic skills development; blended learning; collaborations with academic staff; digital literacy; using social media for learning, teaching and research; and the development of librarians’ teaching skills.

Emma Burnett

Emma is an Information Consultant at Royal Holloway, University of London. Her role includes liaison with academic departments and teaching information literacy skills.
She became involved with the website as part of her Marketing Officer role with the CILIP Information Literacy Group. Having given up the marketing role in 2016, she enjoys still being involved with the ILG as a web editor.

Jade Kelsall

Jade is an independent e-learning consultant working primarily in higher education. She worked as a learning technologist in HE libraries for seven years before going solo.
Her specialisms are e-learning development and instructional design. She also does training in blended learning design, often for librarians.
She's been on the IL web team for a few years now, and tends to be responsible for the technical side of things like maintaining and updating the back-end and implementing new features.

Louise Minta

Louise Minta

Louise is Liaison Librarian for Medicine and Dentistry at University of Liverpool, and is currently involved in the creation of the Library’s new Information and Digital Literacy Framework. She joined the IL web team as a web editor in April 2019 and is keen to get involved with new developments. She is particularly interested in developing librarians’ teaching skills and working with academics to integrate the teaching of information and digital literacy into the curriculum.

Emily Selvidge

Emily is subject liaison librarian for various social sciences programmes at University College London.
She has been a member of the web editorial team for the CILIP Information Literacy Group’s website since 2013. She wanted to get involved with the group because she saw it as an opportunity to learn new skills and work with professionals from other universities.
Emily is interested in academic skills development and librarians’ teaching practices.

Sharon Wagg

Sharon is a full-time PhD researcher in the School of Business and Economics at Loughborough University, in the Centre of Information Management. The focus of her PhD relates to digital inclusion and information literacy and builds on her previous research developed through her MA in Librarianship at the University of Sheffield and through working as part of the research team at Good Things Foundation, (formerly Tinder Foundation). As a member of the IL Group’s Web Team, Sharon is keen to learn and disseminate information literacy news and research to wider audiences.