New definitions and models section

The definitions & models section of the website has been completely restructured and updated to reflect the latest thinking around information literacy, and related literacies.

A New Curriculum for Information Literacy (ANCIL), digital literacy, metaliteracy and web literacy are covered for the first time. Information on more established definitions and models, such as the SCONUL Seven Pillars and the National Information Literacy Framework (Scotland), have been updated to add links to new resources and to give a more balanced overview. The new content provides wider coverage on definitions and models, relevant to a wider range of sectors, than ever before.

The navigation of the section has also been simplified, with three sub-sections replacing the previous four. The three new sub-sections comprise of:

  • Definitions
  • Models and frameworks
  • Related literacies.

We will continue to update this section as information literacy continues to evolve. If you have any feedback on the new section, or would like to suggest any new content, please fill in our feedback form.

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