In this blog post, Alison Hicks, the CILIP Information Literacy Group rep for Higher Education and LIS, talks about an article she inadvertently found that she related to both personally and professionally and her thoughts on how diverse learners are represented within models of information literacy. During my sabbatical this spring, I read an article that examined how people who […]


The Journal of the Association for Information Science & Technology (JASIST) recently published an “early view” article on “Using information science to enhance educational preventing violent extremism programs”. The open access article, written by Kevin Wong, Geoff Walton and Gavin Bailey, shows how information literacy can be used to improve programmes designed to help counter radicalisation and prevent violent extremism. The […]

UNESCO (United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organisation) have launched their Five Laws of Media and Information Literacy. Their strategy aims to bring together the fields of information literacy and media literacy into a combined set of knowledge, skills and attitudes required for living and working in the 21st century. Media and Information Literacy recognizes the primary role of information […]

The Information Literacy Journal Club is an online discussion group focusing on information literacy and other aspects of user education. Everyone is welcome to participate, whether you are a current student of ILS, an established information professional or just generally interested in the subject area. The next Journal Club will be discussing the I-LEARN model for information literacy instruction, taking place at […]

The Society of College, National and University Libraries (SCONUL) has developed a set of resources to support the community on the issues of employability and graduate skills. These resources include: Literature review This review examines the literature on current employability practice with a view to demonstrating the contribution of libraries to employability and the development of graduate attributes, situating libraries’ traditional […]

The definitions & models section of the website has been completely restructured and updated to reflect the latest thinking around information literacy, and related literacies. A New Curriculum for Information Literacy (ANCIL), digital literacy, metaliteracy and web literacy are covered for the first time. Information on more established definitions and models, such as the SCONUL Seven Pillars and the National Information Literacy […]

The Association of College and Research Libraries (ACRL) has now released the second part of a draft Framework for Information Literacy in Higher Education, which is intended to replace the Information Literacy Competency Standards for Higher Education (ILCSHE) that were adopted by ACRL in 2000. Part one was made available in February 2014. The second part of the draft framework includes two additional threshold concepts. […]

The Association of College and Research Libraries (ACRL) has released the first part of a draft Framework for Information Literacy in Higher Education, which is intended to replace the Information Literacy Competency Standards for Higher Education (ILCSHE) that were adopted by ACRL in 2000. The Competency Standards have become an essential document related to the emergence of information literacy as a recognized learning outcome […]

The Research Information and Digital Literacies Coalition (RIDLs) has formulated a set of criteria to help librarians in higher education describe, review and evaluate their training and development interventions and resources intended for researchers, but also for students and teaching staff – see for details. These criteria relate to all interventions aimed at developing information-handling knowledge, skills and competencies, […]

Want an update on what is happening in the UK in relation to IL models?  Then read Justine Martin’s report which highlights four UK models of Information Literacy and compares them with the ACRL’s Information Literacy Competency Standards.  Martin, J. L. (2013) “Learning from Recent British Information Literacy Models: A Report to ACRL’s Information Literacy Competency Standards for Higher Education […]