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Launch of new MOOC on MIL and disinformation

Monday, November 15th, 2021 will see the launch of a new, free MOOC – Disinformation Step by Step – that focuses on the topics of Media & Information Literacy and disinformation.

Disinformation Step by Step MOOC

Produced by the YouVerify project and funded by European Union, the MOOC is a four-week online course that is divided into six modules: critical thinking; Media & Information Literacy; disinformation; verification; refutation; and building MIL projects.

Who is it for?

The course is open to anyone interested in disinformation, but is likely to be of particular interest to educators, facilitators, teachers, librarians, journalists and continuing education professionals.

What does it include? 

There are five main themes:

  • Getting familiar with Media and Information Literacy and critical thinking
  • Understanding the Information / Disinformation factory in the digital age
  • Mastering the verification of images and videos
  • Developing refutation strategies and creating counter-narratives
  • Setting up your own project to combat visual disinformation

Why sign up?

The course is designed to help you build your own ready-to-go project to fight against disinformation. During the month-long course, you will benefit from joining a valuable community of practice, and will engage in online modules, weekly webinars and daily exchanges between peers. All participants who complete the course will receive an Open Badge.

Register for the MOOC on the ECO Learning Platform

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