Communications in Information Literacy – new issue available

Communications in Information Literacy has just published its latest issue – Vol. 4 (no. 1) at The papers are:

Editorial – Teaching matters: Developing as a Teacher/Librarian Rules of Engagement: Best Practices for Connecting with Students by Janelle M Zauha.

Who’s in Charge Here? Authority, Authoritativeness, and the Undergraduate Researcher by MaryBeth Meszaros.
Unlearn What You Have Learned: Digital Disorganization and Information Literacy Instruction by Maryann Hight.

Best Practices for Online Video Tutorials: A Study of Student Preferences and Understanding by Melissa Bowles-Terry, Merinda Hensley, Lisa Janicke Hinchliffe.

Research for Design: Exploring Student and Instructor Attitudes toward Accessing Library Resources and Services from Course Management Systems by Merinda McLure & Karen Munro

Aiming for Assessment: Notes from the Start of an Information Literacy Course Assessment by Peter Larsen, Amanda Izenstark, Joanna Burkhardt.

User Education and Information Literacy in Agricultural Universities of India by Neena Singh.

Instruction 2.0 – What are we actually doing? by Greg Bobish.

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