Libri – new issue has articles on IL & searching behaviours

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Vol. 60, No. 3 has a several articles on IL.  They are:

Information Literacy as a Human Right  by Paul Sturges and Almuth Gastinger.  pp. 195-202.

Conceptions of Teaching and Learning in the Context of a School Library Project: Preliminary Findings of a Follow-up Study by Eeva Kurttila-Matero, Maija-Leena Huotari, and Terttu Kortelainen.  pp.  203-217.

School Students, Question Formulation and Issues of Transfer: a Constructivist Grounded Analysis by James E. Herring.  pp. 218-229.

Information Literacy Training for Postgraduate and Postdoctoral Researchers: a National Survey and its Implications by David Streatfield, David Allen, and Tom Wilson.  pp. 230-240.

All the World’s a Stage – the Information Practices and Sense-Making of Theatre Professionals by Michael R. Olsson.  pp. 241-252.

The Best-Laid Schemes? The Provision and Accessibility of Government Consultation Information in the UK by Graeme Baxter.  pp. 253-267.

Perceiving and Using Genre by Form – An Eye-Tracking Study by Malcolm Clark, Ian Ruthven, and Patrik O’Brian Holt.  pp. 268-280.

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