Journal of Library Administration

Vol. 50. (no. 7/8) of the Journal of Library Administration contains some articles on information literacy that maybe of interest.

Anything, Anywhere, Anytime: The Promise of the ANimated Tutorial Sharing Project for Online and Mobile Information Literacy by Kazakoff-Lane, C.  pp. 747-766.

Library-Led Faculty Workshops: Helping Distance Educators Meet Information Literacy Goals in the Online Classroom by Miller, R.; O Donnell, E.; Pomea, N.; Rawson, J.; Shepard, R.; Thomes, C.  pp. 830-856

Taking Library 2.0 to the Next Level: Using a Course Wiki for Teaching Information Literacy to Honors Students by Niedbala, M.A.; Fogleman, J. pp. 867-882

Writing as an Information Literacy Tool: Bringing Writing in the Disciplines to an Online Library Class by Ovadia, S.  pp. pp. 899-908.

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