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Help us share the new CILIP Definition of Information Literacy!

The new CILIP Definition of Information Literacy 2018 was launched earlier this year at LILAC 2018 in Liverpool, and the CILIP Information Literacy Group (ILG) would like your help to share it as widely as possible. With this in mind, the ILG have now published promotional posters and a postcard that are available to download and share. Please share the files electronically and/or print them out for display in your workplace, school or local library.

CILIP Information Literacy definition 2018 brochure
2018 brochure (pdf)  (Word version)
Information Literacy definition A3 poster
A3 promotional poster (pdf)











Information Literacy definition A4 poster
A4 promotional poster (pdf)
Information Literacy definition A6 postcard
A6 postcard (pdf)
















The new definition has four elements, which can be viewed in full in the definition brochure:

  • A high level definition, which can easily be quoted – Information literacy is the ability to think critically and make balanced judgements about any information we find and use. It empowers us as citizens to reach and express informed views and to engage fully with society
  • Secondary statement – gives supporting information to the definition and explains further what information literacy is
  • Contexts – outlines a number of different contexts in which information literacy applies, including: “Information Literacy and Everyday Life”; “Information Literacy and Citizenship”; “Information Literacy and Education”; “Information Literacy and the Workplace”; and “Information Literacy and Health”
  • The role of information professionals – this is an important element, especially given the erosion in the role of the professional librarian in school and public libraries in the UK.  This section emphasises the role of information professionals in advocating, supporting and enabling information literacy.  It also highlights that librarians do not carry out this work in isolation, and that the embedding of information literacy is best conducted in collaboration with other professionals.

The new IL definition has received fantastic feedback so far – let us know what you think about it by using the comments box below, or by sharing your thoughts on Twitter, using the #infolit hashtag – and please include a link to the full definition brochure!

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Files available for download:

CILIP Definition of Information Literacy 2018 brochure (pdf)  (Word version)

A3 promotional poster (pdf)

A4 promotional poster (pdf)

A6 postcard (pdf)


5 thoughts on “Help us share the new CILIP Definition of Information Literacy!”

    1. Dan Pullinger

      We don’t have Welsh versions at present, but many thanks for your suggestion; I’ll raise it with the Information Literacy Group committee.

      Best wishes,

      Dan Pullinger
      Website Manager
      CILIP Information Literacy Group

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  3. Dora Sales

    A groundbreaking definition that I use for teaching and research purposes. Many thanks! Cheers from Spain

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