New MOOC on ‘Web Science’ from Future Learn

The Web has changed the World since its invention by Tim Berners-Lee 25 years ago. From education to the economy, everything has been changed by the digital revolution. As a result, the relationship we have with information and media has evolved and we now live in an era of complex, inter-connectedness, or the ‘digital age’.

This MOOC (massive open online course) from FutureLearn, a MOOC platform operated by the UK’s Open University, seeks to provide participants with a greater understanding of the Web and how it “interacts with our economy, society and culture rather than just explaining ‘how the Internet works’ or ‘how to build websites in HTML’.”

This could be a good (and free!) development opportunity for anyone wanting to widen their knowledge of the Web and build upon their digital skills. It may also help inform digital and information literacy developments.

The leaders of this MOOC are Professor Leslie Carr & Professor Susan Halford of the University of Southampton.

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