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Media and Information Literacy – lessons and interventions from around the world

Earlier this year, Full Fact, one of the UK’s leading fact-checking bodies, in association with international partners (Africa Check in South Africa and Chequeado in Argentina) published a short report showing that media and information literacy interventions can be very effective at fostering information discernment and helping people be better equipped in the face of disinformation.

The report is based on a meta-analytic review, and provides some useful insights, notably that such interventions are effective regardless of participants’ age, gender, geography and level of education. The full report is available online and is well worth a read.

1 thought on “Media and Information Literacy – lessons and interventions from around the world”

  1. Appreciate this finding: … ‘make it clear that audiences around the world can become more critical of the media, and better at spotting inaccurate information. Children and adults, connected to the internet or relying on broadcast, print or peer-to-peer communication, are all stakeholders in the fight for better information.’ especially the reference to ALL AGES.

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