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LILAC 2021: call for presentations opening soon!

We are really pleased to announce that the Call for Presentations for LILAC 2021 will open on Monday, October 12th. The conference is set to take place 7-9 April 2021 at Manchester Metropolitan University.

We know that there has been some amazing work taking place in the information literacy community in recent months, especially where online teaching has been concerned. So what have you been involved with that deserves sharing – what research have you done, how have you adapted your practice and what are you doing that is making a difference?

Once you have identified what you want to share, take a look at the types of presentation that are available to be sure that you choose the best presentation approach for your work. There are a range of presentation types this year including the micro teach, which is a chance to receive feedback, similar to a peer observation.

At this point it is worth looking at previous years presentations and abstracts with 2 purposes in mind.

  1. to look at how the abstracts are written – this can help in how you approach writing your abstract
  2. to see how you can make your abstract original and not duplicate what has been presented before

It is also helpful to understand what our reviewers are looking for when they read your proposal: as well as originality they want to see what you are presenting – are you describing something or analysing something, how have you found out what you are presenting and finally what can delegates take away from what you are presenting. Try writing your proposal up as an abstract and ask colleagues to give you some feedback before finalizing the content of your draft.

Once you have written your proposal submitting is easy. Register on the LILAC website and then submit your proposal online. The call for presentations will remain open until 12 November 2020.

It is worth saying that, while we are currently planning for a face to face conference, we are also making a Plan B and a Plan C, to recognise that we are not sure what 2021 has in store for us. So we hope that you don’t mind just going with us for a while and we will keep in touch with you over the coming months.

We missed seeing you this year, so we are really looking forward to seeing your proposals for 2021.

Sam Aston


Sam Aston – LILAC Deputy Chair & Programme Manager, LILAC Committee

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