Event: “News: consumption, engagement, and misinformation”

Ofcom’s Making Sense of Media Network is holding a virtual event on Friday 30 October, 10 – 11am, on “News: consumption, engagement, and misinformation”.

This event takes place during UNESCO’s Global Media and Information Literacy week.

The Network will present key findings from their recent research on news consumption and attitudes, both more broadly and in the context of Covid-19-related misinformation.

There will be a panel of speakers who will provide their expert views and perspectives on the challenges in this space, potential remedies and the role of media literacy.

They would like the session to be as interactive as possible. Participants will be invited to leave comments and reflections during the event and there will be time at the end of the session for questions. To join the conversation online please use the hashtag #MakingSenseOfMedia.

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(This text is adapted from an email about the event)


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