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The latest issue of Media and Communication has just published a special issue entitled: Critical Perspectives on Digital Literacies: Creating a Path Forward. Peer-reviewed, many of the articles refer to digital media and information literacy. All the articles are open access and free to download.

Critical Perspectives on Digital Literacies: Creating a Path Forward (2019, Volume 7, Issue 2)
Edited by Hiller Spires
Complete issue:

Table of Contents:

Critical Perspectives on Digital Literacies: Creating a Path Forward
By Hiller A. Spires

An Approach to Digital Literacy through the Integration of Media and Information Literacy
By Marcus Leaning

Assembling “Digital Literacies”: Contingent Pasts, Possible Futures
By T. Philip Nichols and Amy Stornaiuolo

Digital Literacies or Digital Competence: Conceptualizations in Nordic Curricula
By Anna-Lena Godhe

Multidimensional Approaches to Examining Digital Literacies in the Contemporary Global Society
By Kewman M. Lee, Sohee Park, Bong Gee Jang and Byeong-Young Cho

Expanding and Embedding Digital Literacies: Transformative Agency in Education
By Andreas Lund, Anniken Furberg and Greta Björk Gudmundsdottir

The Social Impact of Digital Youth Work: What Are We Looking For?
By Alicja Pawluczuk, Gemma Webster, Colin Smith and Hazel Hall

Reimagining Digital Literacies from a Feminist Perspective in a Postcolonial Context
By Maha Bali

Video Production in Elementary Teacher Education as a Critical Digital Literacy Practice
By Diane Watt

Digital Literacy Through Digital Citizenship: Online Civic Participation and Public Opinion Evaluation of Youth Minorities in Southeast Asia
By Audrey Yue, Elmie Nekmat and Annisa R. Beta

Digital Literacies Learning in Contexts of Development: A Critical Review of Six IDRC-Funded Interventions 2016–2018
By Michelle Schira Hagerman

Empowering English Language Learners through Digital Literacies: Research, Complexities, and Implications
By Chang Yuan, Lili Wang and Jessica Eagle

They Need More Than Technology-Equipped Schools: Teachers’ Practice of Fostering Students’ Digital Protective Skills
By Priscila Berger and Jens Wolling

Self-Efficacy in Multimodal Narrative Educational Activities: Explorative Study in a Multicultural and Multilingual Italian Primary School
By Monica Banzato and Francesca Coin

(Un)Healthy Behavior? The Relationship between Media Literacy, Nutritional Behavior, and Self-Representation on Instagram
By Claudia Riesmeyer, Julia Hauswald and Marina Mergen

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