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Emma Coonan, Editor-in-Chief of the Journal of Information Literacy (JIL), is thrilled to let you know that volume 9(2) is now live. You’ll find a full list of contents below, followed by some reflections from Emma on the experience of editing her first issue.


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Editor’s reflections and thanks

“Being an editor is exciting, inspiring, and humbling all at once. I can’t describe what a privilege it is to be able to read and respond to work of this calibre, nor how much I’ve learned from the expertise, scholarly understanding, and unique insights of the authors whose work features in this issue. I’ve also learned, over and over again, how the support of JIL’s outstanding peer reviewers can help authors to craft the best possible presentation of their work. I’m deeply impressed by how graciously and constructively JIL authors respond to the suggestions of their referees; but I’m also amazed – and proud of – how hard our reviewers work to support authors with thoughtful, constructive and workable feedback.

Several authors have commented on how positive the JIL review process was, telling us that reviewers’ comments were “invaluable” and that they helped “make a potentially very scary process a lot more manageable”. Indeed, one author’s feedback is such a testament to our referees’ work that I give it here in full:

I would like to thank you again for all the constructive and benevolent effort that you and your reviewers put into this review and for the graciousness with which you did it.  I have been through several submission processes that have been quite impersonal and where the critical feedback has been either on the verge of cruelty or entirely neglectful.  You and your reviewers stand apart and it speaks volumes for the value that small, community led open-access journals have to offer as an alternative to corporate publishing machines.

Usually only special issues of journals carry dedications – but I’m going to take advantage of being a newbie editor to dedicate this issue of JIL to our peer reviewers, in recognition of their invaluable contribution as ‘critical friends’ to authors and research integrity alike, and for making the journal what it is.

All comments are reproduced with the permission of their authors.”

Emma Coonan, Editor-in-Chief of the Journal of Information Literacy

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