CILIP IL Group committee appoints new members

The CILIP Information Literacy Group would like to thank everyone who responded to our recent call for applications to join the committee. We are delighted to announce that the following colleagues have now joined the committee:


Advocacy and Outreach Officer: Stéphane Goldstein

Stéphane is Business Manager and Research Consultant at the Research Information Network (RIN). He has led on RIN’s information literacy activities over the past five years, and since 2012 has co-ordinated the InformAll initiative, a collaborative venture aimed at promoting the relevance, importance and benefits of information literacy in the library world and beyond. In that capacity, he has undertaken research and analysis, produced reports and tools and facilitated multi-stakeholder working. After RIN closes its doors at the end of 2015, he will take over the running of InformAll as a social enterprise in its own right.

Stéphane has worked at RIN since 2005, helping to set up the organisation. He has been responsible for project management and policy formulation in the broad area of information as an input and an output of the research process, and also for RIN’s business and financial management. He previously worked in a range of science and research policy roles at the Medical Research Council and Research Councils UK.

The new Advocacy and Outreach Officer role will enable the CILIP IL Group to continue to work with groups outside the library sector, such as UnionLearn and TeenTech, to raise awareness and understanding of information and digital literacy, and to promote these lifelong skills.


Health Sector Representative: Marc Forster

Marc is an Academic Support Librarian for the College of Nursing, Midwifery and Healthcare at the University of West London. Marc worked briefly for the NHS before beginning a long association with Thames Valley University, now the University of West London. He began a PhD on Information Literacy in Nursing in 2011 and this was completed earlier this year. He hopes to continue to research and write about IL, and has recently developed a proposal with other colleagues for a book looking at IL in the workplace.

The Health Sector Representative role is the focal point of liaison between the health sector and the CILIP IL Group. Marc will work with the health sector to maintain and raise the profile of the group and information literacy as a whole.

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