Journal of Information Literacy (JIL) – new issue now available

JILThe Winter issue 2010 of the Journal of Information Literacy has been published.  Please see the Table of  Contents below, the articles  are available in full text at:

Editorial: Looking at the evidence: reflections on the need for, and impact of, Information Literacy Education (ILE)  by Susie Andretta.  pp.   1-5


The awareness and use of electronic information sources among livestock researchers in Tanzania by Consolata Angello.  pp.  6-22

Why would they try: motivation and motivating in low-stakes information skills testing by Jeanne M. Brown, Carrie Gaxiola.  pp.  23-36

The citation behaviour of Civil Engineering students by Elizabeth Gadd, Andrew Baldwin, Michael Norris.  p.  37-49

Articles from LILAC

They can find it but they don’t know what to do with it: describing the use of scholarly literature by undergraduate students by Stephanie Rosenblatt.  pp.    50-61

Using faculty focus groups to assess information literacy core competencies at a university level by Jodi Tyron, Emily Elizabeth Frigo, Mary Kathleen O’Kelly.  pp.   62-77

Crossing the Rubricon: evaluating the Information Literacy instructor by Ned Fielden, Mira Foster.  pp.  78-90

Student views

The role of Information Literacy in the provision of virtual reference services at the enquiry desk by Daniel Beck.  pp. 91-94

Book reviews

Book review of Mackey, T.P. and Jacobson, T.E. 2010. Collaborative information literacy assessments: strategies for evaluating teaching and learning. London: Facet by Fiona Bell.  pp.  95-96

Book review of Burkhardt, J.M. and MacDonald, M.C. with Rathemacher, A.J. 2010. Teaching information literacy: 50 standards-based exercises for college students. 2nd edition. Chicago: ALA Editions by Nicola Ellen Perry. pp.       97-98

Book review of Healey, M. and Jenkins, A. 2009. Developing undergraduate research and inquiry. York: The Higher Education Academy by Chris Bradford.  pp.   99-100

Book Review of Lloyd, A. 2010. Information literacy landscapes: information literacy in education, workplace and everyday contexts. Oxford: Chandos by Christopher Guy Walker.  pp.  101-102

Book review of Walsh, T.S., and Wright, M. 2010. Information Literacy in the Digital Age: an evidence based approach. Cambridge: Chandos by Jane Secker.  pp.  103-104

Book review of Secker, J. 2010. Copyright and e-learning: a guide for practitioners. London: Facet by Annette Tracy Earl.  p.  105

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