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Digital resources to support online learning

Information professionals in the UK are playing an important role in helping universities to move to online teaching in light of the COVID-19 outbreak.

Jane Secker (City, University of London) and Yvonne Nobis (University of Cambridge) have created an editable, shared document to support Higher Education colleagues identify and share useful digital resources to support online learning. Your contributions to this list would be greatly appreciated!

Guide to digital resources to support online learning

This initiative was prompted by the fact that many students rely on digital and print resources to support their learning and are now unable to come into the university and visit the library to get access to reading materials. In a bid to ensure that copyright and licensing issues do not become a barrier to gaining access to scholarly literature, the guide provides an ongoing list of resources that are available open access. 

Please note that the document is supplemented by a guide to understanding copyright licences and exceptions that apply when teaching online, written by Jane Secker and Chris Morrison. 

Those with copyright queries are advised to join, which is the UK’s community for copyright specialists. 

The guide to digital resources is a work in progress so please feel free to add any additional resources to it; its success is reliant on librarians ad information professionals helping to crowd source the list. 

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