Celebrating 10 years of JIL

The Journal of Information Literacy turned 10 this week!

To celebrate this the editors of JIL have put together a special anniversary issue of the journal with contributions from some of the leading scholars in the field of information literacy, including JIL’s first editor, Sheila Webber. These articles reflect on the development of information information literacy as a discipline and also look ahead to ongoing and future challenges for information literacy. A must read for anyone interested information literacy!

The articles include:

  • Information literacy and informed learning: conceptual innovations for IL research and practice futures / Christine Susan Bruce, Andrew Demasson, Hilary Hughes, Mandy Lupton, Elham Sayyad Abdi, Clarence Maybee, Mary M. Somerville, Anita Mirijamdotter
  • Crossing the threshold: reflective practice in information literacy development / Sheila Corrall
  • Lessons from forty years as a literacy educator: an information literacy narrative / James Elmborg
  • The warp and weft of information literacy: changing contexts, enduring challenges / Barbara Fister
  • Posing the million dollar question: what happens after graduation? / Alison J. Head
  • Information literacy and literacies of information: a mid-range theory and model / Annemaree Lloyd
  • How can you tell if it’s working? Recent developments in impact evaluation and their implications for information literacy practice / Sharon Markless and David Streatfield
  • Information literacy: agendas for a sustainable future / Ross Todd
  • Information literacy is a subversive activity: developing a research-based theory of information discernment / Geoff Walton
  • Information literacy: conceptions, context and the formation of a discipline / Sheila Webber and Bill Johnston

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