Webinar: Publication without tears: Tips for aspiring authors

This webinar is one of a series provided by the CILIP Information Literacy Group in support of the Librarians’ Information Literacy Annual Conference (LILAC). These webinars are primarily aimed at LILAC 2016 conference speakers and delegates.

The final webinar in this series – ‘Publication without tears: Tips for aspiring authors’ – was due to be presented by Emma Coonan, Editor of the Journal of Information Literacy (JIL). Unfortunately, the webinar didn’t take place due to technical problems but Emma’s presentation slides are available below.

‘Getting published’ can feel like a baffling process – even for those going through it! This presentation aims to demystify the experience of submitting an article to a journal. It explains what happens inside the ‘black box’ of the publication process, how peer reviewers evaluate articles, and what journal editors are looking for. The presentation contains lots of tips, including

  • ways of dealing with peer reviewers’ comments
  • key questions to help frame your research
  • how to go about structuring your article
  • ways to get started with writing – and to keep going!

Finally, you’ll be invited to consider what you could publish.


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