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VOCTeach podcast and symposium for Further Education

Many thanks to the Information Literacy Group’s FE Rep, Liz White, for sharing this interesting podcast from VOCTeach, plus news about their FE Symposium.

A heads up about the latest VOCTeach blog post.

Do share with your FE colleagues!

If you are unfamiliar with VOCTeach, this is an organisation that aims to bring Further Education and vocational education teams together to share resources and tech solutions to solve issues faced within the sector. This is achieved by curation of resources on their Open University supported web platform, then recommendation of suitable solutions to practitioners. Find out more about VOCTeach by visiting their website.

The latest blog post includes a link to their latest podcast which features guests from FE, industry as well as representatives from the ALT (the Association for Learning Technology) and experts on blended learning programme development. The podcast’s discussion centres around plugging gaps between education output and industry needs in relation to digital skills, and recognition of the elephant in the room – digital poverty. A range of innovative solutions and ideas to engage students both in the classroom and learning remotely are described throughout.

Of particular note in the blog is promotion of the VOCTeach FE Symposium on 17 December. Free to register and attend, this is open to anyone working in FE to explore how our practice has changed in recent months out of necessity. The event, focusing on the Open University’s lengthy experience of distance learning, will ‘kickstart a broad community’ which aims to support the gathering of online learning resources specific to FE. Find out more about the event and how to register.

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