News: Goodbye and Thank You to Alan Carbery


Alan Carbery and Jane Secker

Our international representative Alan Carbery has stepped down from his role on the group. After 5 years working at Champlain College in Vermont in the US, he’s returned home to Ireland where he’s the Head of Academic Technology & Communication at University College Cork. As Alan said, he’s not quite as international as he once was.

The group wanted to thank Alan for his hard work on the committee and for information literacy as a whole. Alan has been involved with information literacy for most of his career and first came to LILAC in 2010 when the conference was held in Limerick. He’s attended 7 LILACs and was a keynote speaker in Swansea in 2017. You can access his keynote here: Authentic information literacy in a post-truth era (view slides). I don’t think I’ve heard such thunderous applause after a keynote before. He was (and is) a rock star.

Alan has written articles, book reviews and conference reviews for the Journal of Information Literacy and was instrumental in making sure that ILG had input into the ACRL’s white paper on Global perspectives on information literacy.  He also produced a webinar for us on how to write a good conference presentation which is one of our most viewed webinars. We are very grateful to Alan for all he has done for us.

We’ve had many conversations about who we can get to fill the international rep role and have decided that Alan is, quite frankly, irreplaceable. Instead we would like to invite all our ILG members and supporters from the UK and around the world to let us know of IL work and practice across the globe.

This will help us to enhance the work we already do to keep in touch with international matters. e.g. Jane Secker is a member of the IFLA Information Literacy Section Committee.

You can do this in a number of ways, you could send us an email signposting the work or you can write a blog post for the Information Literacy Blog and send it to us using our submission form here.


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