New issue of the Journal of Information Literacy!

Meg Westbury, the Managing Editor of the Journal of Information Literacy, today announced the publication of a new special issue on critical information literacy:

I’m pleased to say that a new issue (17.1) of the Journal of Information Literacy has just been published. This is exciting for many reasons, not least of which it’s on our new platform hosted by the University of Edinburgh. So, firstly I’d like to say thank you to the team at Edinburgh for their hard work migrating us as well as to Loughborough University who generously hosted us for many years.
Highlights of the new issue of JIL include:
  • A special issue on critical information literacy. We put out a call for papers last year and researchers rose the occasion. We are really pleased with the wide range of studies and project reports presented in the special issue that push the boundaries of critical information literacy. The editors of the special issue, Alison Hicks and Lauren Smith, also wrote a cracking editorial introduction.
  • LILAC conference reports: We have reports this year from first-time conference goers as well as a multimedia report including artwork and sound recordings!
  • Research articles and a project report on a plethora of topics covering IL in HE, the workplace and amongst social media users.
You can find the special issue using the link below. While you’re on the site, why not create a user account so that you’ll be notified when new issues are published, we post a call for papers or have open positions on our editorial team?
We hope you enjoy this bumper issue of JIL! (Just to say that you might notice that back issues of JIL have not migrated yet to the new platform. they will do so in due time. Please email JIL if you need access to a specific article from JIL and we’ll email it to you.)

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