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Meet the IL Group Committee: Elaine Sykes


Elaine Sykes, Treasurer

What is your role on the committee?

I am the Treasurer for the CILIP Information Literacy Group and the LILAC Conference.

When did you join and why?

I joined the committee in June 2015.  One of the reasons that I joined was to help contribute to the wider library and information management community and also to meet some new people and learn some new skills.


What do you do in your role?

I am responsible for managing all the finances of the group and the conference.  This is a varied and busy role, which involves administering payments, maintaining records, forecasting and reporting.  In addition, due to my role on the LILAC committee, I have been known to turn my hand to anything to help at the conference, including sourcing piñatas and making paper hats!

What is your day job?

I am the Team Leader for Business Control for Library Services, Liverpool John Moores University.  This involves managing library budgets, overseeing all of the Management Information for the department, managing the administration team and contributing to the other business functions for a busy library service.  I really enjoy this varied and demanding role and have a big interest in data-driven decision making.

What are your other interests?

I am currently in the final year of an MBA with the Open University so I don’t really remember what free time is at the moment!  In my spare time though, I am involved with my local church, I volunteer at a kids club, I play the violin with a local orchestra and am quite enjoy baking and sewing.  Plus I have a long suffering husband who likes to see me every now and then!!

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