Meet the CILIP IL Group committee: Nancy Graham

This is the first of the CILIP Information Literacy Group‘s “meet the committee” posts.  First up is Nancy Graham.

What is your role on the committee?
I’m the Chair of the ILG.

WhenNancy Graham did you join and why?
I was elected as Chair in summer 2013 and the reason I put myself forward is that I’ve been interested in Information Literacy (IL) since my library course (Susie Andretta was my dissertation supervisor). This interest carried on in my first professional post as a subject librarian at the University of Birmingham. I completed several projects on IL throughout my time at Birmingham, even becoming involved in IL work with UNESCO. When the post came up I knew it would be a great opportunity to continue IL work nationally and internationally and also a chance to work with lots of other enthusiastic library folk from around the UK.

What do you do in your committee role?
I Chair the quarterly meetings; write the Business and Action Plan along with the Vice Chair. As Chair I also sit on the CILIP Information Literacy Project Board and liaise with many related library groups. I also attend various CILIP events for the Special Interest Groups and other library related events at universities. I represent the group at national and international conferences and try to build on the IL networks to join up with other groups working in similar areas.

What is your day job?
By day I am the Library Academic Liaison Manager in the library at the University of Roehampton in London. I manage the seven Subject Librarians and coordinate the work of the team to support students and academics in making best use of the library’s resources. We are currently going through some exciting changes, including the implementation of a new library management system and a resource discovery system and planning for a new library build.

What are your other interests?
Outside of work and the ILG my greatest interest is film and I recently completed a course of evening classes on cinema at the CityLit in London. I would love to do more study in this area and it really helps that Roehampton has well-established film courses and therefore a brilliant collection of films and books on all aspects of cinema in the library – I am like a kid in a sweetshop sometimes!

1 thought on “Meet the CILIP IL Group committee: Nancy Graham”

  1. Dear Nancy,

    This blog entry is a great introduction to your role and interests and your IL priorities are very similar to mine.

    I did a work exchange in 2012 with the Staatsbibliothek Berlin SBB and wondered whether you had any links with IL teaching in German universities and libraries? I am trying to brush up my professional library German and need to find some recommendations in the language?

    When is the next CILIP ILG meeting?

    I am part of the London Psychology Librarians Group and we will be meeting at Roehampton in November (date tbc) and it would be nice if you had time to show me around in the morning. I would let you know about the date as soon as I get it.

    Good luck with your IL work, IL skills are so important.

    Best wishes,


    Reference specialist,
    Science reading rooms and reference team,
    British Library

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