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Meet the CILIP IL Group Committee: Anne-Lise Harding

What is your role on the committee?
I am the Further Education Representative for the CILIP Information Literacy Group.

When did you join and why?
I joined the group in October 2015. I had just completed my first year in post in South Essex College, where I lead the Learning Resources team.

I developed an interest in information literacy whist at university and was keen to make a contribution both in the group and in the wider FE community.

What do you do in your role?
What I like the most about my role is the constant research for new information and developments in Further Education that relate to information literacy, and thinking of creative ways to enrich and develop colleagues’ practice.

What is your day job?
I am the Learning Resources Manager for South Essex College. I coordinate and lead a team across four campuses, providing a service for both Further Education and Higher Education learners. It is a varied and rewarding position; my days are never the same!

What are your other interests?
I love retro video games and especially learning about their history.

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