Great School Libraries Campaign Launch

Last month saw the launch of the Great School Libraries campaign – a three year campaign spearheaded by SLA, CILIP SLG and CILIP.

The campaign has three aims:

  • to secure school library funding
  • to produce a national framework for school libraries
  • recognition of school libraries within the Ofsted framework.

Great School Libraries are excited to announce that they have sourced funding for the entire campaign from Peters, the UK’s leading specialist supplier of books and furniture for schools, academies, and public libraries.

Ray Dyer, Peters’ Managing Director commented: “We are delighted to be sponsoring the Great School Libraries campaign. At Peters, we understand the importance of ensuring children and young people have access to great books and a vibrant school library is an essential part of this. We are looking forward to working with the School Library Association and CILIP to ensure that every child has access to a great school library.”

Alison Tarrant, Chair of the Great School Libraries campaign working group said: “We are delighted to be working with Peters on this campaign. They understand the difference that a staffed and funded school library can make to school, and securing this funding means that we are not restricted, and will focus on producing meaningful resources and maximising engagement. Together they will enable the sector to move forward, and mark the beginning of a new era for school libraries.”

We all have a role to play in ensuring every child receives the benefits a Great School Library can offer.

Visit the Great School Libraries website for more information about the campaign.


3 thoughts on “Great School Libraries Campaign Launch”

  1. Edna Callanan

    Looking at the Deloitte definition of professional I would agree with all points but would beg you to include “professional qualifications” .
    All professions have qualifications and so do we. If we lower the standard a headteacher will indeed seek the cheapest person to run their library.
    As a retired school librarian of many years experience I feel strongly that the aim of Cilip should be – a qualified Librarian in every school library – or the day will come when School Librarianship becomes a thing of the past.
    I wish you every success with the Campaign .

    1. Katie Hill

      I have now been a secondary school librarian for nearly 15 years. I have also taught for over 20 years in different sectors (and languages, and countries). I have a degree (in Languages) which included the study of linguistics, which has been helpful in understanding some of the literacy issues we face. I have also been an avid reader all my life. However, I fear some might regard me as “unqualified” if a narrow requirement for Library qualifications is demanded of us. I think good School Librarianship is a skill in itself, which many of us have acquired through other routes than traditional Library training.

  2. Marlene Sharrock

    I strongly agree with the comment of 17/12/18, in that the Deloitte definition is fine, but also that a professional library or information qualification should be a requirement (or working towards one). I have spent over 30 years working within school libraries, and attempting to show each school what professional librarians actually do and the difference they can make to all areas of teaching and learning. Schools will continue to under-value the work if they believe that specific and relevant qualifications are not necessary. I have met many excellent and hard-working school librarians without library-related qualifications, and I do not wish to underestimate their skills. However, as the professional body, I feel that CILIP should be promoting the importance of professional qualifications, through a variety of routes.
    After all, with more experience of education than most teaching staff in my current school, I am still not able to become a teacher, as I do not have a teaching qualification!

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