Final call for talks/workshops at Innovation, Inspiration and Creativity Conference (i2c2) conference – deadline 31st May 2017

The Innovation, Inspiration and Creativity Conference (i2c2) will be held in Scarborough, North Yorkshire, between 13th and 15th November 2017.

The final call for talks and workshops for the conference is 12 midnight on 31st May 2017.

The conference is looking for people that can contribute their experiences and knowledge whatever level they are at. The overall theme of the conference is Innovation, Inspiration and Creativity, with a subtheme this year of “making, playing, co-creating”. This covers library and information work in any sector and anywhere in the world, along with associated professions. Last time there was a good mix of academic and public librarians, along with people from most sectors including consultants and trainers!

There are some slots for presentations, but most conference slots are expected to be workshop based with a high degree of attendee involvement. So if you propose something longer than a lightning talk, think “can I help attendees learn something to apply to their own practice?” and not “can I put a set of slides together about a project I did”.

More details on the website, along with how to submit!

The programme is slowly being revealed: the keynote will be given by Emma Coonan. The Print Project will be bringing a mobile letterpress along, and the 2nd day will be focussed on a festival of dangerous library ideas.

Good luck with your talk and/or workshop submissions!

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