Episode Two – Chatting Info Lit

The second episode of Chatting Info Lit has been released and is available to listen to on SoundCloud, Apple, and Spotify!

In this episode, Bethan Morgan (Manchester University NHS Foundation Trust) chats to Frankie Marsh (University of Cambridge) about Frankie’s award winning article on the link between information literacy and decolonisation in academic libraries.

Frankie shares her experience of falling into academic librarianship following work in the international voluntary sector, and of the Cambridge Graduate Trainee programme. She also shares some advice and experience to help new professionals identify research and dissertation topics, conduct independent and original research, and navigate the scholarly publication, peer review, and editing process!

The discussion also covers the definitions, history, background, and broader context of decolonisation, and explores how it relates to pedagogy, information literacy, critical appraisal, professional practice, and the place of the university library in teaching and student activism. In the process, the episode references a wealth of articles and groups around decolonisation in academic librarianship.

If you are interested in reading Frankie’s paper, it is available as an open access publication:

Marsh, F. 2022. Unsettling information literacy: Exploring critical approaches with academic researchers for decolonising the university. Journal of Information Literacy, 16(1), pp. 4–29.


You can hear Bethan’s conversation with Frankie on Apple Podcasts, SoundCloud, and Spotify:





Episode 3, recorded live at LILAC 2023, will be live across all platforms by the end of May!

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