CILIP Information Literacy Group partners with BBC Bitesize on Fake News

The CILIP Information Literacy Group is working with BBC Bitesize to help with the teaching of fake news and misinformation.

The Fact or Fake campaign contains resources for secondary school pupils on how they can spot fake news or misinformation when they are using their smartphones and mobile devices in the 24/7/365 information society. Finding information that is trustworthy and reliable is challenging in the world of digital technology and social media, and this campaign seeks to help school children navigate their way through this information maze through providing helpful short videos with tips and guidance.

Have a look at a sample of the videos below:

  • Timely, relevant and fun student focused content available on the Fact or Fake? Bitesize pages to guide students through the tricky business of identifying fake news. Have a go at the quiz – can you spot the facts from the fakes?
  • News and infotainment! AGH! So much of it to make sense of during the lockdown. New BBC Bitesize Fact or Fake? Films, quizzes and tips will help students spot misinformation and fake news, and encourage critical literacy right from the off. But, what’s so bad about fake news?

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