Portrait of Paul George Zurkowski

Funeral for Paul George Zurkowski – founder of the Information Literacy Movement

It is with sadness that the Information Literacy Group announces the passing of Paul George Zurkowski, founder of the Information Literacy movement. 

A well known figure in the Information Literacy Community, some of us had the chance to collaborate with him over the years. As founding president of the Information Industry Association, 1968-1989, Mr. Zurkowski named and explained the concept of Information Literacy in 1974 in his seminal “Report to the Commission” The Information Service Environment Relationships and Priorities submitted to the US National Commission on Libraries and Information Science (NCLIS).   Sheila Webber reported on this on the Information Literacy weblog on 4th February 2022. 

Chair of ILG Dr Jane Secker says: 

“I had the real pleasure and honour to meet Paul in Istanbul in 2013 when he was attending the European Conference on Information Literacy (ECIL). It was one of those occasions you will never forget, where it felt like I was meeting one of the great and good. We were also really privileged to have Paul join us for the 40 year celebration of the term information literacy at LILAC 2014 when he recorded a short address for the conference which is on our YouTube channel. In this video Paul told us how he came to devise the term in 1974, he also talked about attempts to control information over the years and what information literacy might look like in the next 40 years. He ended with a call to action to extend information literacy on the universal basis as he first envisaged in 1974. The presentation is highly relevant to current events. “

The funeral for Mr. Paul George Zurkowski, Esq. is this Friday, March 25th 2022 at 11 am Eastern time at the Holy Redeemer Catholic Church, Kensington, Maryland USA. The service will be live streamed from the Holy Redeemer YouTube channel starting on or before 11 am local Washington, DC time. 

Our condolences to his family and friends at this time. 

Image of Jane Secker and Paul Zurkowski at ECIL Conference

Jane Secker meeting Paul Zurkowski at ECIL 2013 in Istanbul. 


2 thoughts on “Funeral for Paul George Zurkowski – founder of the Information Literacy Movement”

  1. Thankyou for all that you have done for my father Paul George! Not sure if the Z family’s appreciation reached you, but here I am doin just that.
    Jeff Kelly, whom I hope is still involved with this group, as he was the right hand to the creator and godsend, the good ole PGZ. And I am so thankful that all of his knowledge is being past on thru Jeff and his ideas for a easier and smoother future of this word.

    Kudos and much appreciated for all your kind words about my father. And if you haven’t been told yet, I am my fathers Daughter and had a hand in all that he touched. I would be more than happy to be called upon as a resource, if need be…

    Paula Claire

    1. Kate Grigsby

      Thank you for your kind words Paula. Do stay in touch.
      All the best from the Information Literacy Group.

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