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Meet the ILG Comms Team: Lynn Bauman-Milner

Lynn Bauman-Milner
Lynn Bauman-Milner

What is your role on the committee?

I am one of the newly appointed Comms Team Members of the ILG website. The ILG Comms team is a sub-group of the CILIP Information Literacy Group.

When did you join and why?

I joined the team in May 2021. I’ve been working as a school librarian since 2014, and have seen a gap in students’ understanding of being digitally literate and critical. In an effort to dispel the ‘digital native’ myth, I have been planning and delivering lessons in research and critical reading skills. I hope to learn more about information literacy from experienced librarians, which will benefit students throughout my school.

What do you do in your role?

I have only just joined the team, but I will contribute to developing OERs for schools. Drawing on my past experience as a teacher, I also hope to support librarians in developing their confidence with teaching these skills.

What is your day job?

I am the Learning Hub Manager (librarian in old money) at an independent school in Wakefield. I assist teachers across the school by promoting their subject areas and by encouraging our students to read widely across subjects of interest. I deliver induction lessons in the LMS to students in KS3 and KS4, demonstrating how the Hub can help them explore their interests and broaden their horizons.

What are your other interests?

I’m an avid reader, as well as a short story writer. I’ve been part of the Northern Short Story Festival’s Academy of 2021, working with a small group of writers to develop and improve my writing, and also came second in the NSSF’s Fiction Slam of 2019. I’m a dedicated karate student – though my knees have some serious objections to that – and enjoyed continuing my training on Zoom sessions throughout the lockdowns of 2020. I’m a long way off from black belt, but I am enjoying the journey.


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