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Meet the ILG Comms Team: Beth-louise Downey

What is your role on the committee?

I am one of the newly appointed Comms Team Members of the ILG website. The ILG Comms team is a sub-group of the CILIP Information Literacy Group.

When did you join and why?Beth-louise Downey

I joined the team in September 2020, so I am very new to the team! Moving back into Library work from children’s publishing I really wanted to work with and focus on all the different types of literacy. Having gained lots of digital skills in publishing, I saw the opportunity to use them to enhance the resources and information surrounding this type of literacy, seeing the need within the school setting. I also hope to learn lots of new information from the skilled librarians on the team!

What do you do in your role?

I have only been on the ILG Comms team for about a month, so I am exploring where I can take this role. I hope to work on increasing the materials, resources for information literacy in schools on the blog, and some work on Youtube/other social media platforms. 

What is your day job?

I am the School Librarian/ILC Manager at a high school in Lancashire. I aid in teaching Year 7 Literacy lessons, manage the library and all its resources. I liaise with all the teaching staff to ensure that the resources match the student’s needs and the taught curriculum. My role is to increase the reading culture within the school and I hope to broaden this to cover all types of literacy and give the students a well-rounded literacy education.

What are your other interests?

I love sewing, embroidery and dressmaking, having been making my own clothes for a few years now.  I recently lived a year in London, where I really missed being so close to the Lake District, so most weekends I aim to get my walking boots on to explore the nature trails that are now back to being so close to home.

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