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Meet the ILG Committee: Jo Lapham, FE Representative

What is your role on the committee?

I am the FE representative.

Photo of Jo Lapham
Jo Lapham

When did you join and why?
I joined in April 2022

I attended LILAC 2022 as a speaker. It was my first proper face-to-face conference, and I was over the moon to discover that, rather than being bored, I found the discussions fascinating. I was invited to join the ILG and jumped at the chance as it is rare to get the chance to be part of something so important when you work in FE in deepest, darkest Cornwall.

What do you do in your committee role?
Ask me when I know 😊

What is your day job?
I am the deputy team leader for libraries at Truro & Penwith college in Cornwall, running the two libraries and the team at Penwith college in Penzance. This includes being in charge of the budget, liaising with lecturing staff over stock requests, forcing my way into classrooms to tach Information literacy skills and pushing my way onto every committee at the college from Health & Safety to all the programme team meetings. Meanwhile I also work the helpdesk in either library, as FE librarians rarely have the luxury of specialising.

What are your other interests?

I sing with a small group of women. I think of us as a Karaoke choir, as we sing pop songs along to backing tracks. Sounds dull but we have a good laugh and are getting quite talented in the harmony department. We sing for charity. Pub gigs are always a bonus. I also have a few bits of home studio equipment to start working on creating our own music.

I have an allotment which I pretend to work hard on. It’s a nice place to sit and read a book in the summer, under the apple tree overlooking Mounts Bay.

When I feel energetic, I make use of the free gym at work to work on my muscles and I am forever thinking about going for a run but never quite making it.

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