Journal of Information Literacy 12(1) published

The new issue of the Journal of Information Literacy (JIL) is now available. Along with the peer reviewed articles, project reports, conference updates and book reviews, you’ll find the revised CILIP definition of ‘Information Literacy’ with an explanation from Jane Secker as to why and how the Information Literacy Group worked on the revision.

Access the whole issue on the JIL website or links to individual articles can be found below.


An elephant in the room? Information literacy in the narrative of UK public libraries / Diana Hackett

Development and validation of an information literacy self-efficacy scale for medical students / Ann De Meulemeester, Heidi Buysse, Renaat Peleman

Flipping the classroom for information literacy instruction: considerations towards personalisation and collaborative learning / Jing Shen

How power relations affect the distribution of authority: implications for information literacy pedagogy / Lee Webster, Helen Gunter


Escape the welcome cliché / Hannah Wise, Julie Lowe, Adam Hill, Laura Barnett, Charlotte Barton

Using a flipped classroom to embed information literacy skills training into academic studies / Eleanor Jane Dommett

Mapping library values and student learning outcomes / Lis Pankl, Dale Larsen, Shane Wallace

Information literacy skills on the go: mobile learning innovation / Alice Schmidt Hanbidge, Nicole Sanderson, Tony Tin


Thinking of going to LILAC? How to get the best out of the experience / Lisa Gardner

LILAC18: interviews with bursary winners / Bethany Sherwood

ICEPOPS: Copyright education for all / Anne-Lise Harding

LOEX 2018 / Lindsay Carpenter


Review of Burkhardt, J.M. (2016) Teaching Information Literacy Reframed : 50+ framework-based exercises for creating 
information-literate learners  / Claire Carter

Review of Godbey, S., et al. (2017) Disciplinary Applications of Information Literacy Threshold Concepts (S. Godbey et al.) / Rebecca Miller

Review of Klipfel, K.M. & Cook., D.B. (2017) Learner-Centred Pedagogy: principles and practice / Shazia Arif


The revised CILIP definition of information literacy / Jane Secker


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