ILG Webinar – Information Literacy barriers, enablers and measuring tools for HE

The Information Literacy Group (ILG) is delighted to welcome Ellen Nierenberg, Librarian at Inland Norway University for an online webinar on the 21st February 2023.

Ellen is a research fellow in information literacy at UiT The Arctic University in Norway (Tromsø). Having successfully defended her PhD thesis in November 2022; Ellen is sharing the results from her research on students as information literate individuals in Higher Education for ILG. Ellen has chartered her journey as research fellow on her blog which makes for a fascinating read.

In this webinar, Ellen is planning to discuss various barriers and enablers to IL development and to recommend practices for librarians and other educators. She will share some of her PhD-research results on the development of students as information literate individuals in higher education and present the tools she devised to measure this.

After this presentation, we will host a discussion about one of the tools, the measure for assessing students’ abilities to critically evaluate sources. This will be an opportunity for the audience to make suggestions for their experience of measuring the critical evaluation of sources.

Attendees are encouraged to access Ellen’s work and publications on this topic online before joining the webinar.

You can now book a space on the webinar through Eventbrite.

We are charging a small fee which will contribute to funding further information literacy research, supporting the delivery of our events and enable us to offer bursaries.

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