IFLA Information Literacy Section: Call for papers for open sessions

The call for papers is now out for open sessions for the Information Literacy Section at the IFLA World Congress which is being held in Athens, Greece between 24th and 30th August 2019. The theme this year is Information Literacy in Context: Research Informing Practice and Practice Informing Research. Suggested topics for papers are:

– Frameworks, guidelines and standards for information literacy – Application and adaptation in different contexts

– Educational theory and information literacy

– The geography of information literacy – the impact of politics, economic prosperity and culture on information literacy and information literacy education

– The status of librarians in different societies – the impact on their role as teachers of information literacy and possible strategies for being effective information literacy educators

– Building communities of practice among information literacy educators

– Contextual models – how they inform practical aspects of information literacy education

For more information on submission guidelines and for who to contact please follow the link to IFLA WLIC 2019

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