IFLA IL webinar – call for proposals

Information Literacy Section Call for Proposals: “Engaging library professionals in research and practice about critical pedagogy and social justice in librarianship”

The IFLA Information Literacy Section invites interested professionals to submit proposals for papers to be presented during a 90-minute webinar in mid-June, before IFLA WLIC 2022.

“Social justice design has much to offer to librarians, and critical pedagogy is a way to implement it, because critical pedagogy incorporates inclusive and reflective teaching for aims of social justice. It provides mechanisms for students to evaluate their social, political, and economic standing, and to question societal norms and how these norms perpetuate societal injustices. How can we make social justice design be a part of one’s work, in theory and in practice? What are the potential advantages and difficulties of doing so?”

Proposal abstracts must be submitted by May 2, 2022.

See the IFLA website for further details and submission guidelines.

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