How digitally savvy are our new university students?

Kate Grigsby, Senior Library Skills Advisor at the University of Sheffield, introduces the Fake News Game that she and colleagues use as part of their induction offer for new students. 

Students playing fake news game
Students Daniel and Manoj playing the Fake News Game at Sheffield University Library

New first year students at the University of Sheffield were invited to play our fake news game as part of library induction and the response was incredible. So much so that Daniel and Manoj gained a perfect score!

The game, based on our Fake News tutorial, was devised by University of Sheffield librarians Cateriana Sciamanna and Liam Bullingham.

Library staff ran the game as an induction activity on the ground floor of the Information Commons. Playing the game not only encouraged students to critically evaluate sources but also offered us a chance to engage and promote specific library services, such as online tutorials and workshops.

We’d be really interested to hear what other libraries around the world do to engage new students with information and digital literacy.

How has induction gone for you? Have you integrated the topic of “fake news” into any of your information literacy development work?

The fake news game
Screenshot of the Fake News Game



This blog post originally appeared on the Information and Digital Literacy Blog from the University of Sheffield.

Kate Grigsby is also the Marketing and Communications Officer for the CILIP Information Literacy Group. Find out more about her role and interests.

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