CILIP IL Group Annual Report 2015-16

The CILIP Information Literacy Group has published its annual report for 2015-16, which highlights the huge range of activities carried out by the group over the last twelve months.

Dr Jane Secker, CILIP IL Group Chair, introduces the report:

It has been another exciting and busy year. We are particularly proud of our achievements in fostering partnerships with organisations outside of the library sector, such as TeenTech and the Tinder Foundation, which you can find outlined in detail in the report’s Advocacy section. In addition to new ventures such as these, we have continued to build on our core offer to our members, providing a wide‐range of CPD events, including a new Pedagogy for Librarians residential course, the ever popular LILAC and the Journal of Information Literacy. The Information Literacy website has been further updated and new content is frequently added to the blog. Finally, this year’s round of bids for research bursaries were more competitive than ever and we have been pleased to award funding to support three more research projects. We have a very committed, enthusiastic and hard working committee who are dedicated to meeting the needs of our members and to advocating and supporting information literacy. As a result of our activities, our membership continues to grow. We’d like to take this opportunity to thank all our members for your support for our work and to encourage you to send us your suggestions and feedback via our Twitter account @infolitgroup or email address Dr Jane Secker Chair of the CILIP Information Literacy Group

Annual General Meeting

The Annual Report will be tabled formally at the CILIP Information Literacy Group Annual General Meeting, which will take place during LILAC 2016 at University College Dublin. It will be held in the George Moore Lecture Theatre, on Tuesday, 22nd March 2016, 13:00-13:30.

Attendance at the AGM is free and open to all CILIP IL Group members. If you are already attending LILAC, there is no need to book separately for the AGM – simply attend on the day.

CILIP IL Group members who have not booked to attend the LILAC conference are also welcome to attend the AGM. If you are not attending LILAC but would like to join us for the AGM, please complete this online form to let us know you are coming, so that access can be arranged.

Download the Annual Report 2015-16

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