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The Library and Information Research journal has put out a call for papers for a special issue of this journal focussing on strategic and policy making issues in information literacy, both in the UK and worldwide. It is due for publication in September – October 2016Please see the further details below.



The journal Library and Information Research (LIR) is seeking papers for a special issue on strategic and policy making issues in information literacy, both in the UK and worldwide to be published in September – October 2016. Papers may be factual reports, peer-reviewed articles or opinion pieces and submission details are given below. The final date for submission of papers is Friday 27th May 2016Please address any queries and expressions of interest to the Guest editor for this issue, Dr John Crawford

Much of the research and work on information literacy has focused on education and more specifically higher education. This issue aims to address a broader agenda, namely policy making and strategic thinking in information literacy provision for a widely defined public at national, regional or local level. With the widespread development of digital strategies it is important for information professionals to respond to this challenge with appropriate information literacy strategies to inform and advise decision makers. Topics suitable for inclusion will include:

  • Information literacy policies and strategies
  • Influencing politicians and decision makers
  • Information literacy and the civic agenda (promoting democratic agendas)
  • The relationship between digital inclusion and information literacy strategies
  • Social inclusion
  • Health literacy policies and strategies
  • Information literacy in the workplace
  • Information literacy and social justice
  • Information literacy and specific groups e.g. young people, senior citizens, gender issues, minority and ethnic groups, disability issues etc.
  • Information literacy and e-government

This list is not exhaustive and other topics within this broad agenda will be considered. Library and Information Research is the journal of the UK’s Library and Information Research Group, but contributions are welcome from practitioners, researchers or others working in fields relating to information literacy in any country.

The journal welcomes:

  1. Rigorously written reports describing the development of good practice in an institution or institutions which will be of value to people working in similar areas. These will be subject to editorial review. Although not of the same standard as research articles report articles should have the following components:
    • An introduction setting out the background to the study and the reasons for undertaking it
    • A short review of the wider context of the study taking account of similar work elsewhere and some reference to relevant published work. Appropriate bibliographical citations should be provided
    • A description of the activity
    • Conclusions to be drawn from the study
    • How the findings relate to other similar work
    • Any recommendations for further action and how the study might inform similar work
  2. Research articles, typically of between 2000 and 7000 words, which will be peer reviewed.
  3. Opinion pieces, focusing on any of the topics suggested in this call for papers

Timescales are below

  • 27th May 2016  – submission deadline
  • May-August 2016 – reviewing and revision process
  • September-October 2016 – target date for publication

Submission of articles

Articles should be submitted through the Library and Information Research journal website at

Best wishes

Dr. John Crawford, BA, MA, PhD, FCLIP,  FSA (Scot),
Independent Libraries Professional,
Founder Chair, Information Skills for a 21st Century Scotland,
And Chair, Leadhills Heritage Trust,

Home address:

21 Polbae Crescent,
G76 0LW


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