Call for Papers: Critical Library Pedagogy in Practice Book

Critical Library Pedagogy in Practice is a forthcoming edited volume with chapter contributions from teaching librarians. It will be comprised of short, practical chapters exploring various aspects of critical pedagogy and how the theory can be applied to information literacy teaching. This book will also be open access and therefore free for anyone and everyone to use.

The editors are soliciting pitches now and will select chapters from the information literacy and library teaching community in various countries. Topics should be focussed around the praxis (i.e. practical implementation) of critical theory and pedagogy in librarians’ teaching.

The editors would like to specifically focus on publishing voices that are from under-represented communities within the LIS/Information Literacy sector, including but not limited to LGBTQ+ voices, people of colour, librarians working without having a qualification, librarians with disabilities and neuro-atypical people, and librarians from indigenous communities. They encourage first time authors to submit.

Pitches are due by 31st July 2019.

For more information, how to submit, and a suggestion of topics, please follow the link to their website.

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