Bursary available for CILIP Conference 2017

The CILIP Information Literacy Group is offering a bursary place to attend this year’s CILIP Conference in Manchester on 5th– 6th July, 2017.

Applicants must be a member of the CILIP IL Group. Each bursary place includes travel expenses (within the UK), a complimentary place on both days of the conference, lunch, refreshments and attendance at all sessions. It also includes one night of accommodation at Motel One on Wednesday 5th July and attendance at the evening reception at MOSI that evening.

The closing date for applications for the bursary place is Friday, April 7th, 2017.

Guidelines for writing your personal statement

  1. Your personal statement should be 400-800 words
  2. Your application should be clearly presented and a formal expression of why you wish to attend the conference
  3. You should reflect on the specific benefits/knowledge that you hope to gain from attending the conference
  4. You should reflect on what you think you will learn and how this new knowledge will help with your professional IL development, or how you intend to use your conference experience on returning to your home institution (e.g. how it will link back to your role)
  5. Have you shown your commitment to information literacy?
  6. Explain why you need funding and/or your institution cannot pay for you to attend the IL training or conference
  7. Demonstrate your understanding that, as part of the funding conditions, you will need to promote your sponsorship by the CILIP IL Group and produce a report for the group within two months of the event.

Your conference report will be published on the CILIP Information Literacy Group website and may also be submitted to the Journal of Informaton Literacy, if appropriate. (Please see the JIL author guidelines. The JIL editor reserves the right to request revisions/decline the submission).

To request an application form, or if you have any questions about your personal statement, please contact CILIP IL Group Training Team member Heather Lincoln:

email: h.lincoln@imperial.ac.uk, telephone: 020 7594 2933

Applications/expense forms and receipts should also be sent to Heather. The deadline for applications is Friday, April 7th, 2017.

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