Bookings and contributions invited for Copyright Colloquium, Greenwich

The LIS-Copyseek community, with support from the CILIP Information Literacy Group, will be holding a Copyright Colloquium with a focus on copyright education on Wednesday 20th July at the University of Greenwich.

The event is intended to be an opportunity to share experience and learn from each other on how best to provide the right message regarding copyright and recent changes to copyright law and licenses. In addition to invited speakers and presentations, two ‘lightning talk’ slots are set aside to give everyone an opportunity to engage. These talks can be on any of the topics below or on any other related area:

  • How do you communicate the Copyright message at your institution?
  • What barriers have you encountered in doing so?
  • What is your ‘role’? a small part of your main job? large part? your whole job? has this had an effect on how you deliver the message and how it is received?
  • What have you done to gain legitimacy within your own institutions? Any tips?
  • Are we/you experts?
  • Are we/you making progress?

If you would like to deliver a lightning talk (5 mins) please email Andrew Gray (Academic Services Librarian, Goldsmiths, University of London) at a.gray@gold.ac.uk.

The event programme and booking form are available via Eventbrite:

Communicating the Copyright Message

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