Awardees: JIL Ross Todd Award for Outstanding Research Paper and Research Project

Alison Hicks, Editor of the Journal of Information Literacy, is pleased to announce the shortlist and the inaugural awardees for the Journal of Information Literacy’s Ross Todd Outstanding Research Paper and Outstanding Research Project. This is a new award designed to honour the contributions that Dr Ross Todd made as Board Member of the Journal of Information Literacy. The award was informed by a public nomination process and judged by Professor Annemaree Lloyd, Dr Lauren Smith and Amber Edwards. This is a biannual award designed to celebrate research published in JIL 2021-2022 and will next be awarded in Spring 2025.

The award for the Outstanding Research Paper goes to Frankie Marsh (University of Cambridge) for her paper, Unsettling information literacy: Exploring critical approaches with academic researchers for decolonising the university (copyedited by Sae Matsuno).

The award for Outstanding Research Project goes to Sarah Wolfenden (Brunel University), for her paper, Using coaching techniques to teach information literacy to first year English undergraduates (copyedited by Harriet David).

Congratulations to the two awardees and to the shortlisted authors, who are listed below. Alison encourages you all to download this fantastic work and add it to your reading lists  And, in the meantime, please consider submitting your research article and project report work to the Journal of Information Literacy (soon to have a new home at the University of Edinburgh).

Research Paper Award Shortlist

Project Report Shortlist

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