LibraryCamp Camp

A new Library Learning Festival, LibraryCamp Camp!

We’re pleased to announce that the Information Literacy Group is sponsoring #LibraryCampCamp, a new Library Learning Festival on 8th / 9th September 2018. Bookings are now open!

It aims to be a family friendly, affordable, weekend Learning Festival for anyone associated with libraries and the information profession and will be held at Beaudesert Activity Centre in Staffordshire.

LibraryCamp Camp will be largely organised around Open Space ideas, with the attendees setting the agenda, so the programme will develop depending on the needs of whoever attends.

Activities are likely to include slots for:

* Open space or unconference style workshops & discussions (whoever turns up can pitch a session).

* Learning games and activities (see / share examples and create your own).

* Analogue “Storify” (we’ll create a book of analogue / offline tweets, comments, pictures, etc throughout and share it afterwards).

* Micro-teach tent (plan a short lesson, deliver it, and receive peer-feedback on your session).

* Zine / chapbook making

Plus activities such as Analogue “Storify” activity (The Den) and outdoor reflective exercises ongoing throughout the festival.

The main accommodation will be space for camping on the Saturday night, but we also have a limited number of beds in “bunkhouse” style accommodation. There are also hotels nearby!

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