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New Professionals at LILAC 2023

The ILG New Professionals Sub-committee will have an even greater presence at LILAC 2023 and we hope to meet lots of other new professionals, especially those who might be attending LILAC for the first time.

We will have a stand at the conference and will be organising a meet up for new professionals in the Wednesday afternoon break so do come and say hello!

We are organising the keynote on Wednesday 19th April, in which our sub-committee member Katie will chair a panel discussion with four other new professionals. Naomi Cassidy, Tom Peach, Naomi Smith and Kristabelle Williams will reflect on what they perceive to be the constraints and enablers for those new to the profession becoming more involved in information literacy instruction in their sector. Their pre-recorded video will be shared with conference attendees to encourage questions in advance on barriers to or success in teaching and critical cultural issues around equity and inclusion. The recording will also be shared more widely after the conference but we hope to see you there to start a conversation about how the profession can begin to address current and historic inequities as well as celebrating successes in the field.

On Thursday 20th April, sub-committee members Ella, Bethan and Josh will be joining other podcasters Jane Secker, Chris Morrison, Mark Childs and Mike Collins for a session on ‘Information Literacy and podcasting: teaching and learning through conversation’. The session itself will be recorded and will hopefully be turned into a new episode of our new podcast Chatting IL so you can catch up with what was discussed afterwards.

Chatting IL will also be taking contributions for a special LILAC episode over the course of the conference, so come and find us for a chat at the New Professionals stand where we’ll be asking people about their IL teaching experience and the strategies, tips or resources they would share with new professionals.

We’re looking forward to seeing you in Cambridge!

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