Free webinar on IL and copyright teaching

Chris Morrison, Copyright and Licensing Compliance Officer at the University of Kent, is to present a webinar on Copyright the Card Game on Thursday, October 12th, 2016, as part of the Elsevier Library Connect webinar series.

The session is entitled ‘Trends in Teaching Information Literacy’ and will also feature presentations by information literacy experts Katy Kavanagh Webb from East Carolina University and Jay Bhatt from Drexel University. Katy will be talking about her work on curriculum mapping and Jay has been involved in creating a large-scale learning competition that has benefited his Engineering students.

The webinar will highlight interesting ways to enhance your information literacy instruction in the classroom and beyond. Chris’s contribution will look at ways to reframe copyright education from what copyright might stop people from doing to the positive aspects of copyright, injecting a bit of fun along the way.  Katy will describe how, as head of a 12-person information literacy team, she used curriculum mapping to gain a better understanding of whether instruction was targeting the right areas and supporting learning outcomes. Jay will show how gamification has had a positive impact on his engineering students’ learning by engaging them in a competition with group activities and rewards.

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