Digital Literacy for Online Collaborative Design – webinar

InformAll, are running a webinar on Digital Literacy for Online Collaborative Design on Monday 11 May, from 16:00 to 17:00 GMT.  The webinar will be led by Dr Mark Childs, from Coventry University. The event is free to join, and further details can be found here: .

Description (from the InformAll Website):

This webinar offers educators an opportunity to discover and discuss ways in which students’ information and digital literacies can be developed through design projects that authentically replicate work-based activities. By running collaborative projects jointly between two or more universities, students acquire additional sets of skills in order to work collaboratively at a distance, as opposed to face-to-face. These skills are highly valued by the students, as they are seen as essential to their future working lives, and so have a competitive advantage in the job market. Through the projects students learn not only how to effectively share and process information, but also the communication and management strategies required for asynchronous and synchronous collaboration. The webinar also explores some of the issues with support that lecturers and students can face.

The event is free to join, but the organisers would like attendees to register in advance through the Webpage.

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