CILIP Information Literacy AGM

The CILIP Information Literacy group is holding its first AGM at LILAC 2013.  All members of the group are invited to attend it.

CILIP Information Literacy Group: Annual General Meeting 2013

Date: Tuesday 26th March 2013
Time: 1.05 – 2 pm
Venue: Eats Restaurant, University Place, Manchester University


  1. Welcome to first AGM of the Specialist Interest Group on Information Literacy by Debbi Angell (Current Chair of the CILIP Information Literacy group Committee).
  2. Receive the Annual Report of the Special Interest Group Committee from Debbi Angell.
  3. Receive the Special Interest Group accounts and the report on the accounts from the independent examiners from Emily Shields (Treasurer).
  4. Appoint the independent examiners for the following year.
  5. Receive the names of the Special Interest Group Officers from Debbi Angell.
  6. Consider any motions put to the AGM in accordance with due process: None received.
  7. Confirm the fee to be paid by Subscribing Members who are not members of CILIP in the ensuing year.  The Membership Secretary and Treasurer recommend for 2014 that the fee is £10.


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